ASD Health Coach
Becky provides support to parents and aid them in helping their child to reach their full potential. She guides you on the road to recovery with biomedical interventions – including diagnostic testing and supplements.

We started our supplement regimen in December 2022 – hoping to see some gains soon!

Autism Parenting Magazine
Autism Parenting Magazine gives you access to:

  • Expert advice from our team of respected autism professionals.
  • Solutions for dealing with sensory issues.
  • Advice for handling common transitions.
  • Therapies to help develop your child’s potential.
  • The latest autism news and research to help your family.
  • Real life stories from parents of children on the spectrum as well as from adults with autism to inspire and instill confidence.

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La La Photography
Basically the moment I found out I was pregnant I researched local photographers, but since I felt pretty hideous pregnant I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I found La La Photography on groupon and purchased a super-budget friendly maternity shoot. The rest is history.

Little City Baby
One of my best friends from childhood started this company out of Maine a few years back. She specializes in unique teethers for baby and has recently added a variety of other items to her shop – including pacifier clips and mask holders! Little City Baby is my go-to whenever I find out a friend is having a baby! You can select shapes and colors perfect for everyone.

Fit4Mom Las Vegas
Fit4Mom is nationwide, but the Las Vegas franchise won me over. The owner, Jessica Peralta, has been my own personal cheerleader for years encouraging me through numerous Fit4Mom programs including Body Back, Run Club, Stroller Strides, Body Ignite, Stride 360, Stroller Barre and more.

Teach Me To Talk
I’m just gonna say it, Laura Mize is THE BOMB. If you have a child with developmental delays, specifically speech, even if they have autism, your next stop needs to be her website. Watch her YouTube videos, listen to her podcasts, order her therapy manuals, and MAKE TIME TO WORK WITH YOUR CHILD(REN).

She probably wouldn’t remember this, it was long before Lennon received his diagnosis, but we knew something was a little off, my mom purchased a selection of her therapy manuals for me. Unfortunately, one DVD got mixed up so I called their customer service line. And guess who answered, Laura! We talked for a good half hour, she invited me to be a guest on the podcast (I have yet to take her up on the offer) and she gave some of the best advice I’ve EVER received – I think I’ve even said it in a blog post or two (or three or four). She said:

Anyone who tells you ‘they’ll talk when they’re ready’ or ‘they’ll walk or whatever when they’re ready’ is doing you a huge disservice. There are milestones for a reason and if they aren’t hitting those milestones, they are delayed.

This really hit home for me as MANY folks said things like this in regards to Lennon. From there I really took action.

📷: La La Photography