About Us

Most of the posts you’ll read on this blog were written by me, Kristin, aka Mom. I became a Vegas transplant in 2014 and work in non-profit marketing at a charity that provides services to adults with disabilities. The subject matter will typically revolve around myself and my son, Lennon.

Lennon was born on October 28, 2016 – absolute perfection. Eventually, however, we realized something was different. Lennon was quickly diagnosed with severe autism, needing significant supports. An accompanied pre-diagnosis of suspected intellectual disability and speech impairment also came, but we are told they don’t “officially” diagnose those until age 5. We expect ADHD as well, but haven’t had that conversation.

You’ll probably hear quite a bit about “the others” too. My boyfriend, Kenny, aka Dad, and our pets – Harvey the dog, Thunderpaws the cat.

While my primary focus of this blog is my son, I also want to talk about my life – the challenges of parenting, health, dealing with work, etc.

Kenny and I also have our own page, it’s sort of dedicated to reviews (it just hasn’t been updated in quite some time) – maybe I’ll share down the road if we can make time to get it updated.

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