Mom of the Year

Okay, maybe just the day. But, hey, it’s 7:55 a.m. and I am absolutely killing it. I mean, killing it to the point that I decided to stop what I was doing and write a quick blog.

We’re all sick here and fortunately we’ve been getting some decent sleep. I don’t think I got up until 5am (yes … sleeping in – LOL) and Lennon around 6am. We went downstairs to play, but Lennon seemed cranky so I started on breakfast – French Toast. As I was making it, Lennon sat at the table in a regular seat watching “Bee Movie” from afar and eating all the butterscotch and white chocolate chips out of his trail mix.

He noticed the syrup on the counter, came over and reached for it. I told him French Toast was coming, but he didn’t understand. He started crying and kept putting the bottle of syrup in my hand. I poured a dollop on his plate. Still crying. Over his granola? Nope.

Finally, the French Toast was done. I scrambled to put it quickly on his plate, cut it and pour syrup over. Still crying.

I fed him two pieces with a fork which he ate … still crying.

I know French Toast isn’t his favorite, but he normally eats it. Power ranking with carb loaded breakfast probably goes:

  1. Pancakes
  2. Waffles
  3. Muffins
  4. French Toast

But, I didn’t have the stuff needed (or the time) to make the others. Plus, French Toast is MY favorite 😉

I don’t typically cave, but I hate having a sick and sad little boy. I snatched him up, slid into some shoes and got in the car. McDonalds. Short Stack. Done.

Mind you, I did this braless and in mismatching PJs. But I had a happy boy.

He cleared his plate. Well, he cleared his plate from McDonalds.

“Bee Movie” was still rolling so I went down to the family room to finish it with Lennon.

One thing that I’ve discovered is quite common in autistic children is a love of credits and Lennon is no exception. I’m pretty much guaranteed some adorable tippy-toe dancing, jumping, flapping and smiling excitement.

And, as those of you who use Netflix know, when a movie ends the credits go small and you’re given like 10 seconds to click some buttons or they go away completely. Unfortunately, I don’t normally think about it.


I knew the credits were coming and I had my phone ready (we use the Roku remote on our phones because Lennon has destroyed all the remotes in the house).

So yeah, two major successes before 8am.

Can I get a trophy or something?!?

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